The Technoshaman's Enlightenment: Eight Tools every Conscious Cyborg should own!

I LOVE technology!

No, I mean I REALLY LOVE technology. For so many years, I’ve watched in glorious delight at the amazing things that the geeks of the world have created. I have been most inspired by those pieces of technology that are built for those of us who want to grow into consciously evolved technological human beings (read: conscious cyborgs).

When I first heard of some of the gadgets I’m about to show you, I was amazed by how confronted I was by them. Should I REALLY need to use something that deepens my meditations? Would I not be more enlightened if I just meditated without it? Surely the universe would give the good karma points to the lo-tech meditate over the guy who has things hooked up to his brain…? Do I want to be DEPENDENT on technology to get my Oneness on?

I chose to suspend my judgment about any meditation tools, and all of the other tools below, because I wanted to know WHY they worked and to know what happened WHEN they worked. What new wonders could I be afforded? I’ve come to feel that saying that we should train ourselves to achieve the things this technology affords us WITHOUT teching-up is as crazy as saying “The sun and all the stars orbits the flat earth”.


Because although I do believe that any kind of dependence on ANYTHING to be unhealthy, I also choose not to separate myself from the wonders that people are discovering about human beings through “hacking humanity”. I think we can find out more about ourselves by using such technologies and seeing how they impact our human experience than trying to “get there on our own” (much akin to the Bob Newhart skit where he cures people by telling them to “STOP IT”, I believe we must also not try to get our enlightenment on purely off our own backs):

So I’m going to give you ten tools (most of them I’ve used personally) that I recommend any “technoshaman” should own:

1. Holosync

I use Holosync every single day for an hour. It is the best way I know to get yourself into a really deep meditative state. After I use Holosync, I feel completely focused and centred and ready for my day. It helps me plunge deeper into feelings I’m struggling to feel and, frankly, without it I don’t know what my life would look like.

Holosync uses Binaural Beats to deepen your meditative state. Binaural beats involve the playing of two different tones in each ear, 10Hz apart. Your brain tries to moderate the frequency difference, thus plunging you difference.

Pros: Intense focus. Puts you DEEP into your meditation VERY quickly. Greater athletic performance. Life-altering.
Cons: Expensive. If I don’t do it for a couple days, I get a little foggy. Only for the most committed of meditators.

2. Profound Meditation Program

What? Another binaural meditation program? Why would I include this? When my friend John Dupuy over at Integral Recovery sent me his new binaural beat program, I was dubious. Whereas Holosync helps to deepen my practice, every so often I crave the PMP too as it feels like it gets into all the nooks and crannies that Holosync doesn’t get to (yes, I just compared the Profound Meditation Program to a Swiffer).

I do really enjoy this program as it helps to shake things up whenever Holosync gets annoying or boring.

Pros: Less expensive than Holosync. It is the swiffer of binaural beat technologies.
Cons: Again, like Holosync, if I don’t use it I do get a bit foggy.

3. Wakemate

Wakemate monitors your sleep state and lets you set a 20 minute window to wake up in, and then waits until you are in a high-alpha sleep state before waking you up. This helps you wake up without that “Please kill me” feeling we all experience at some time in the mornings.

Although I haven’t used this product yet, it is on its way to me as I type this post. The testimonials on the site were enough to have me buy this. Wakemate monitors your sleep and gives you a SCORE (do I hear someone say “MMPORG sleep wars”?) and then calculates your “ideal wake up time” so you can sleep…LIKE A BOSS!!

Pros: As Tim Ferriss says “It helps me be less bastardly in the mornings”. Super cheap.
Cons: Umm, none I can tell so far…

4. Nightwave

Nightwave is designed to get you to sleep within 7 minutes. An outrageous claim, I know, but I like the look of their technology and feel they may actually be telling the truth. Although I haven’t used their technology, the concept makes sense.

The small Nightwave device displays a moderating light on the ceiling of your dimly lit bedroom that pulses. You follow the pulses with your breathing and within 7 minutes you’re asleep. I can believe that focusing on an object OUTSIDE of yourself can help you to sleep as some of the best sleep-aiding meditations help you to focus outside of your body so it can relax.

Pros: Helps you sleep in SEVEN minutes. Portable and light.
Cons: Frickin’ expensive for a light that shines on the ceiling.

5. Fisher Wallace Neural Stimulator

Stand back kids, this is not a toy. I was recommended this by a coach during a difficult time in my life. The job of the Stimulator (or as I like to call it “The Brain Zapper”) is to send an electrical pulse through your brain, moderating the activity of the hypothalamus. It is IMPOSSIBLE to overdose on this thing simply because its job is to BALANCE instead of “stimulate”. Even so, they only recommend you do it for no more than 40 minutes a day.

I found the concept intensely amusing when I first heard of it. It takes 2 x AA batteries to power…and I think the idea of using a couple of AAs to “fix” my brain to be hilarious, at best. Even still, it frickin’ works!! I used this when feeling completely out of whack with the world and it brought me back to centre.

I would combine this daily with Holosync for 3 months and then stop for 3 months. It is apparently SUPER effective when dealing with PTSD (like RIDICULOUSLY effective, I hear) and will help your brain to know what NORMAL feels like rather quickly. Although you feel like Dr Frankenstein while you’re doing it, if you can put up with the few days of haziness after you’re finished with your 3 month cycle, I couldn’t recommend it anymore!!

Pros: Returns you to NORMAL Operating Functionality in 40 mins.
Cons: OMFG SO EXPENSIVE!! It takes a couple of days after you stop using it for your brain to be OK with it being gone (first time round I did get a little dizzy)

6. Sota Bio Tuner

Less expensive than the Cranial Stimulator, the Sota Bio Tuner’s job is to balance the amygdala. You don’t attach this to either side of your brain like you do with the Stimulator, you attach this one to your earlobes. I have to say, I MUCH prefer the Bio Tuner simply because you get an instant buzz when you’re using it. Although you look like a complete loon walking around with it on, it gives your amygdala the love you never got as a child (remember, the amygdala is the emotive part of the brain).

Also, a VERY weird side effect I experienced as a result of using the Bio Tuner…in the HOUR after using it, I had THREE very powerful coincidences occur. It was as though it tuned my brain into incredible things happening.


Pros: Cheaper than Fisher Wallace Device. Gives you a light buzz.
Cons: Don’t wear it outdoors, you will look dumb!

7. Wild Divine

Ahhh, a classic. The Wild Divine biofeedback device is designed to help you meditate by using a computer game. Although I found it difficult to relax into some of the games (when you wait for 5 minutes for your body to relax and then suddenly the flower you’ve been trying to open actually opens, YOU try not getting excited again), it was a cool way to show that I do have SOME control over my body’s nervous system.

AND some of the games were actually quite fun. Having to keep myself QUITE relaxed, but not TOO relaxed was fun. I only wish they had built more fun game dynamics into it, and less annoying game software (no I don’t want to watch a 20 second video clip of a fox in the forest, dangit!!)

Pros: Fun to learn to control your body. Not too expensive. Some really fun games.
Cons: Irritating game software. Needs more game dynamics.

8. Q Link

Last but by no means least is the Q-Link pendant I have not taken off for more than a day in two years. The Q-Link’s job is to strength your body’s EM field to stop you from getting brain tumors from mobile phones and other high EMF-producing devices.

I bought this two years ago after I was getting intense headaches from using my phone too much. I looked around for a solution and although I thought £75 was a bit much to drop on a pendant that claimed to do something quite original, I did come across a video I saw of how effective it was at helping BBC staff from producing cancer-causing cells. Twenty four hours after wearing it for the first time, my headaches were GONE. I also experienced 3 days of buzzing in my chest as the pendant’s built-in Sympathetic Resonance Technology circuit board configured itself to be in line with my body’s EM field. I haven’t took it off since.

Pros: Stops your mobile phone from giving you a brain tumor. Relaxes you. Stops all other forms of EMF from negatively impacting your body. A range of colors to choose from.
Cons: Quite on the expensive site. You gotta be OK with having it on everyday if you want it to work.

What are your favorite hi-tech tools for enlightenment?? Let me know in the comments…