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Pure Powder

A luxury ski tour company operating across 7 countries. A full WordPress build with integrated custom jQuery trip finder and AJAX-powered blog – as well as a Packery Grid System utilising lots of beautiful large imagery.

#backend #dayjob #frontend #responsive #wordpress


TurnON Britain

Imagine trying to sell “Orgasmic Meditation” online. That was my job for 3 years. I took out a lot of the arduous woo-woo text and replaced it with lots of clear bright images and key information people needed to get started. It was a labour of love and I’m very proud of what I built.

#backend #dayjob #design #frontend #responsive #wordpress



A simple tool to crowd-source a reframe of people’s problems and situations. Heavy backend WordPress project linking login system to Facebook & Google+, using AJAX to run the main functionality of the app: creating a post by a non-registered user on the site and automatically redirecting them there. Voting functionality on comment system.

#backend #design #frontend #responsive #wordpress


Psychosexual Somatics

A comprehensive site build in WordPress to showcase a sex therapist’s main website. The site was built to handle event creation, payment gateway with Stripe. I also did a lot of work done on copy-writing and finding clear calls to action on each page. The previous site had not been built on a CMS so a bit of training was needed too…as well as handling server load times with such a large amount of data being pulled from the database on every load. Whew. It was a biggun!

#backend #design #frontend #responsive #wordpress


NetJets Europe

A CSS-only web build for a non-responsive site built on an unfamiliar CMS. I was given a design and the site, and I could not change the HTML but had to update the look. A lot of back and forth on this one trying to verify my code but I’m proud of what I did with it despite some very big challenges in the spec.

#dayjob #frontend

Contact Me

I typically have a project on once a month. To design and build any small, medium or even large WordPress site. I also build custom applications using the WordPress platform as a framework (see Just:Reframe for my most recent example of this).

Who is my ideal client? Someone who is out to make a difference in the world – especially in a personal development capacity. I have a taste for communicating obscure complicated concepts in relatable down-to-earth ways.

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